Monday, November 2, 2015

Simona Halep: Good Plan, Now the Work

Cu siguranta trebuie sa progresez la slice, la venirea in fata si sa variez mai mult jocul", a dezvaluit Halep la revenirea in tara.

"Definitely, I must improve my slice, my moving forward, and vary my game to a larger extent," said Halep upon her arrival in Romania.

I'm glad someone seems to listen, for I've been saying these for two years now, as one can see at this blog, at  the TT forum, or at
In the end, Radwanska beat Halep at the net, she was the shotmaker there. That's what I'm saying for two years, that Halep is NOT DOING THE WORK TO IMPROVE AT THE NET (smashes, lobs, volleys - everything needs work)

What are those coaches (Wim Fissette and Darrell Cahill including) and herself doing?
 Personally, if I were Halep, with all the great results (including on the financial side), which I'd be blind not to see and appreciate, I'd change coaches right now, as I honestly don't see any progress on the crucial technical and strategical side this year:

- STILL no slice

- STILL no volley, no occasional S-V

- not enough dropshots

- STILL no plan B to speak of (see Serena today, she applied her plan B throughout by coming to the net on each and every short ball)

Good plan. Let's hope there will be a considerable accent on it and volume of work in training for it.

A bon entendeur, salut.
Marius Hancu
Montreal, Canada

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