Monday, October 19, 2015

Margarita Gasparyan and her Wonderful One-Handed-Backhand

Margarita Gasparyan (of Armenian and Russian descent, it seems) playing and beating Giorgi now in Linz has one of the most beautiful (if not the most, and I cannot believe what I'm saying) 1HBH combo (slice + top, both crosscourt and DTL) since Henin. Watch her. 6 foot tall, quite athletic. Beautiful, a bit overdramatic, face. Cries/shouts too much.

British commentator "one of the best young players in a long time."

Winner of Baku against Patricia Tig of Romania, also a promising younster:
2015 Baku Final: Patricia Maria Tig vs. Margarita Gasparyan
(full match; BTW, look at that sparkling new arena in Baku, practically empty - this is WTA these days, a pity)

Also see her here
Serena Williams VS Margarita Gasparyan. Wimbledon, Full HD,Monday, June 29, 2015

#63 after today and not for long ...

Margarita Gasparyan (RUS) vs Varvara Lepchenko, 1stR 2015 Moscow.

Lepchenko leads 4-1, after Gasparyan had chances to break back. The youngster fights quite well, though.

Game for Gasparyan, after a magisterial 1HBH while going to the net, gets to 4-2 Lepchenko.

Amazing inside out 1HBH return by Gasparyan, for 15-30.
Her wonderful 1HBH is just as aggressive and long as the FH, rare sight today,
and she breaks to be on serve:

4-3 Lepchenko, Gasparyan serving.
G has a quite high-elbow (very recommended) in the trophy stance while serving and a pretty good rotation: takes game to love for:

4-4, Gasparyan is really back into the game now, with some ascendancy even.

But Lepchenko is a capable veteran, she wins her service at love for

5-4 Lepchenko
Amazing DTL BH by Gasparyan for 40-15

5-5, Lepchenko serving
Series of BHs by Gasparyan for 0-15, then breaking for

5-6 Lepchnko wants coach babying now.

Gasparyan serves for set. Let's see.
0-15 after a short and high BH volley by Gasparyan.
Great 1-2 serve-FH combo by G for 30-15.
Good serve into the body to win set.

Great show put on by Margarita in the 1st set against a former top 20 player and a very doggy opponent. Let's see how she continues.

Gasparyan breaks for

0-1 Lepchenko in the 2nd. She has very good follow throughs on both sides, and on the 1HBH, there's a flowery motion, indicating a strong wrist action on contact.

0-2 Lepchenko, after another great 1-2 by G, this time serve-BH-to-the-net.

Lepchenko holds for 1-2, thus it becomes important to maintain momentum by holding herself. Let's see. Mental here.

Great smash DTL by Gasparyan, for 30-15, followed by an excellent airborne FH DTL.

3-1 Gasparyan holds.

4-1 after Gasparyan breaks sending Lepchenko left and right and wrongfoots her. Everything clicks for her, but she needs to keep focus.

What I've just said? Lepchenko breaks for

4-2 Gasparyan.

Lepchenko holds, after 4 BH errors by Gasparyan, who puts them into the net. She seems to have lost some punch on that side, some energy. Critical game

4-3 Gasparyan.
After two holds,
5-4 Gasparyan, to serve for the match. Let's see if she keeps control.
Wins heavy rally for 15-0. Good.
but she makes enough errors to be broken


6-5 Lepchenko, she holds, Gasparyan is close to tears when talking to coach.

TB, after a good hold by G. Let's see.

Great DTL FH for minibreak by G.

Great BH by Lepchenko for being on serve

1HBH beats leftie FH for 3-2 Gasparyan
3-3 now after a minibreak by the American, but
DF by Lepchenko for
5-3 Gasparyan
and she wins after a very good performance her debut match in the home Cup:

Margarita Gasparyan (RUS) d Varvara Lepchenko (USA) | 7 - 5 | 7 - 6 (4) |

Close to tears at shake hands, the Moscow beauty. This time, of satisfaction.

Very good coach, was able to re-stabilize her in the 2nd set. I wonder if she's the coach who taught Margarita her 1HBH, because then she deserves sooner or later a statue :))

A star is born, IMHO:))

Watch her, tennis fans, you'll greatly enjoy her game even though you might not be able to play the 1HBH :cool: She's effervescent.

However here, in the Kremlin Cup, Gasparyan continues to have a tough path, with Mladenovic, then Safarova or Pavliuchenkova. Not an easy draw for Safarova either, in her Singapore quest ...

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Kerber withdraws from Moscow with back injury



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